Annan History

Property for sale in Annan is built upon earth that holds great historical wealth, an area which has been home to the Roman army and seen shipbuilders finish vessels of great size. To this day, Roman remains can still be found in and around the Dumfries and Galloway area. The past 250 years in Annan has been, thankfully, a peaceful time of ship building, agricultural developments, sandstone quarrying and even engineering. Although there is no longer any trace of the shipbuilding industry, just a strong fleet of fishing ships catching their trade and a proud memory of its shipbuilding links to Canada and the USA.

Perhaps one of the richest pieces of Scottish history from the town is Annan Castle, originally the home to the Bruces, Lords of Annandale. They were hugely active in the fight for Scottish independence, with battles between the Scots and English on both sides of the border. In the 13th century, the Bruces actually made Annan a Burgh of Barony and every July Annan celebrates the Royal charter, although the charter document was feared to be lost during one of the border wars.

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