Annan Wildlife

Wildlife and nature lovers will be pleased to know that buying property in Annan surrounds them in a lush, green countryside environment which a lot of animals, insects and plants call home, the heart of which is the Annan River. The river is appreciated primarily for Sea Trout and Salmon, although over 25 species of fish dwell there. The beautiful river catches sun light as it snakes past many of the small towns of Annan, like Brydekirk leading to woodland areas which home everything from Kingfishers, Otters and beautiful plant life.

Suffice to say, many a picturesque walk can be had in the superb, flourishing countryside of Annan, whether it be a golden autumn stroll or an idyllic summer picnic, there will always be beauty around you. From the shore walk which passes the impressive Solway Firth to the Waterfoot Saltmarsh with its Redshanks, Lapwings and rare Hard Grass living in Annan is tailored for wildlife enthusiasts and people with an appreciation for Mother Nature.

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