Food and Drink in Annan

With fresh, clean waters running through Annan and high quality farmlands creating fresh produce, both local restaurants and residents alike can rest assured that the source of quality food and drink will always be around them.

Local fishing generates the fresh stock of seafood in town as well as our local farmers providing hearty, home grown meats from spring lamb to Belted Galloway cattle beef. It’s not only Annan which benefits from this local produce, but the rest of the country enjoy the food and drink of this impressive, green region.

Not a master chef? Don’t always fancy cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Not a problem when living in Annan as the town is home to a range of wonderful restaurants, cafes and pubs. From Italian food at Megano’s Pizzeria Ristorante to Indian cuisine at Sitar Restaurant, we have you covered for choice when it comes to quality dining. If a few drinks in a friendly atmosphere is what you’re after then warm, welcoming pubs can be found in and around Annan. For beer enthusiasts, Annan is also home to the Madcap Brewery!

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