Living in Annan

Buying a new build in Annan is really unique because you truly are buying a physical part of Annan. This is due to Sandstone from the area being heavily utilised in the buildings and homes of Annan, sourced from the local quarries. This is yet another thing Annan is known for, much like the Trout and Salmon famously found in its river.

Another advantage of living on Annan is being right on the Scottish border. This means you are never too far from England or Scotland and travelling to the very far reaches of each country won’t be as time consuming as living further north or south. This also helps in terms of employment, with Annan being near cities like Carlisle and Dumfries, working options are opened up with relatively short commuting along the A75 and M6. Annan itself actually provides work for many people in its two large food-processing plants.

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